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It has recently been announced that Microsoft has bought Metanautix, which is a the newest product of Redmond. Metanautix is a data compute engine that organizes data from differing silos to get a more comprehensive analysis.

Why would Microsoft want this?

Large companies often separate their data into categories or silos to keep them more organized. This is a highly effective practice until it comes down to analyzing your data as a whole. When companies want to get a more comprehensive look at their company they must spend a large amount of time and money to reorganize all of the data in each silo into a centralized system.

This is where Metanautix comes in.

Metanautix runs through the various data silos and then harness the data into a query accessible format. Once Metanautix takes care of the hard part, the data can easily be translated the SQL, resulting in understandable information about the company’s data.

It is important for companies to keep their data in separate silos for organizational purposes, but Metanautix is helping those silos communicate between one another to give the company a more complete understanding of their data.

To see how Big Data is being used in other industries check out this interesting podcast!  

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