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I was at the grocery store last night trying to find something for dinner that I didn’t have to cook. I have recently been on a gluten free diet, but was craving pizza, so when I found a delicious looking gluten free pizza I was stoked! As I checked out, the coupon that rolled out with my receipt was for the same type of pizza. I looked at my husband, excitedly explaining that the coupon we had just received was the first coupon I have gotten that I would actually use! Normally the machine prints me out a coupon for something like baby food, which we won’t be needing for a while!

Needless to say, I was impressed that the machine picked up on the fact that if I was buying gluten free pizza now, I will more than likely want to buy another gluten free pizza in the near future.

This is how marketers use Big Data. 

Big Data is used by marketers to learn more about the customers. The more a marketer knows about their targeted demographic, the better they can adapt the product or the customer base to make changes and create repeat sales. If a marketing professional can track a customer’s search habits online for say, shoes- then they can advertise a discount for those very shoes. When this happens to us customers we think, ” wow, this is great, I really wanted those shoes and now they are on sale. This must be a sign, I should get them.” We think it is our lucky day when really it is a strategic play by marketers to gain favor with customers.

If a company can successfully fine tune their targeted demographic based on learning about the wants and needs of their customers, they can ensure repeat sales. People want that one store they know they can rely on to always find what they are looking for. Depending on how well you know your customer’s habits, you can become that store.

To learn more about how Big Data is being used in the Marketing World check out this great read on Big Data and Market Research!

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