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Starbucks is listening to their data; and therefore listening to their customers.

They have used customer data to help them develop the “perfect” line of new products, based on consumer habits and preferences. They even went so far as to talk to baristas and ask them how people like their coffee, tea and lattes. They pulled the data, reports, and barista comments together to create their new line of at-home beverages that will be sold in grocery stores.

What They Found

According to a 2015 report by Mintel, 43 percent of Starbucks’ tea-drinking customers don’t add sugar to their tea. Additionally, 25 percent of consumers don’t add milk to iced coffee that they drink at home. These customers can’t be ignored.

What They Did

With these customers, and this data in mind, they developed their new line. They created 2 new, unsweetened tea K-Cups. These are Mango Green Iced Tea and Peachy Black Tea. Additionally, they launched both sweetened and unsweetened black iced coffee without any milk or added flavors.

The best news? Starting this fall, Pumpkin Spice Latte K-Cups will be available! They will also have instant packets, bottled Frnappuccinos and bottled Iced Espresso with pumpkin spice flavoring.

These items are being rolled out to grocery stores now, and will have additional tailored products available seasonally.

Why This Was a Good Move

Part of the reason people love Starbucks is that customers have the ability to customize their drinks. Now, Starbucks will likely increase their sales because they are offering this customization in at-home beverages as well.

Their existing consumers will continue drinking their beverages in-store, but will also pick up some at-home beverages at the store as well. They are also tapping into a new market; people who previously may not have wanted to go to a coffee shop to purchase coffee…the at-home coffee drinkers.

And, simply put, they are providing their customers with what they want; their favorite drinks, and their ability to customize them! I will be very curious to see how this positively impacts their sales. And it was all possible by the data-driven insights that led to this.



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