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As one of the hottest careers in 2015, it is no surprise Big Data job applicants are getting snatched up by companies like candy out of a pinata. Want to work in this up and coming industry? These are the skill sets that will land you a job in Data Analytics.



  • In non data scientist terms, Hadoop is a complex platform that allows data to be BIG DATA. Hadoop removes storage contraints and makes processing data a billion times easier.

General Purpose Programming Languages

  • Ability to program applications in Java, C, Python, and Scala is an important skill set many companies working with Big Data are interested in.

Structured Query Language

  • SQL is an older data-centric language, but is still commonly used alongside programs such as Hadoop.

Machine Learning and Data Mining 

  • Ability to use machine learning technology to create predictive analysis apps consisting of classification, recommendation, and personalization systems.


  • A database that works hand in hand with Hadoop to make necessary application changes based on insights found by Hadoop.

Apache Spark

  • The stepsister of Hadoop, this program is faster and more simple making anyone who knows how to program and run it, a much valued employee.

Statistic and Quantitative Analysis

  • As the foundation of Big Data, this skill is fundamental to working in the field. Must have experience with statistical analysis and quantitative reasoning. If you are proficient in tools such as R, SAS or Stata, you are set.

Data Visualization

  • Knowing how to use visualization tools is huge, as sometimes repetitive logistic regression analysis doesn’t make the cut. This is a dynamic way to look at data and problem solve.

Creativity and Problem Solving

  • Speaking of problem solving, creativity and problem solving are two very strong characteristics of successful employees in any job posses.

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