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Big Data and Formula 1 Racing

When it comes to Formula 1 Racing, safety is of the utmost importance which is why Big Data is being heavily used on the development side of racing. In Formula 1 Racing the cars are going around curvy courses at extreme speeds, making it very easy for something to go... read more

Is Facebook Crossing The Line?

Almost everyone we know has a Facebook account. Facebook is a way to stay connected with friends and family as well as reconnect with those who may have lost touch along the way. But what happens when Facebook becomes big brother? Facebook has continually increased... read more

Measurements Of Data

The average folk out there like myself may give a big “huh?” when we hear terms such as petabyte. The terms for data measurement may be second nature to those in the tech world, but to the rest of us they are considered another language. With all of the... read more

Is Your Business Falling?

 Sometime when you are trying to solve a problem it may feel like you are falling. Why is my company failing? Where is all of our money going? Are my employees doing their jobs?  These are all questions that can be hard to find the answers to and when your company... read more

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