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Big Data Meets Hollywood

Hollywood only survives as long as it has fans, which is why Hollywood is always very concerned about the fan base’s opinion of films. Sure Big Data has been used in Hollywood in the past, obtaining box office success rates and what not, but the film industry is... read more

Big Data Upsets of 2015

Although there have been numerous highlights of Big Data in the past year, to every upside there is always a downside. Big Data exploded a few years back and has been working out its kinks ever since. Even though Big Data is a much more understandable concept and... read more

Big Data and Chip Kelly

Tuesday evening, the Philadelphia Eagles released Chip Kelly; shocking everyone. The CEO and Chairman of the Eagles, Jeffrey Lurie has had an abundance of patience with past coaches. So everyone has been wondering why Chip Kelly? You may be wondering…”What... read more

America’s Internet is Worth $966 Billion

The internet does more than just us with the rest of the world, and create lots and lots of data. America’s internet has been valued at $966 Billion; this is about 6% of the U.S. economy. How did they come up with this number? In 2014, business that are directly... read more

Big Data Helps Farming In Africa

In Africa there has been a major shortage of available water which has led to less viable crops and ultimately less food for the population. Big Data is now being used to help the farmers in Africa better manage their crops to  ensure food for their population. IBM... read more

Future Of Big Data

With our population continuing to turn over into a more digital world there will be more and more data to analyze. This means that Big Data is not only going to be around for a while, but also that it is going to become more advanced. In this upcoming year it is safe... read more

Big Data Helps Retail?

So how can companies leverage big data to keep their customers loyal this holiday season? In preparation for their customers’ holiday shopping experience, companies should analyze their big database, segmenting data from inquiries like the following: What products are... read more

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