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With Climate Change becoming an ever increasing threat to our planet, Big Data is joining the fight against it! These five Big Data projects are arming environmental researchers with new and informative tools to combat the our planet’s almost certain doom.

Google Earth Engine

Google earth’s satellites have been able to capture images of our earth for decades. Data analysts are compiling these images from previous years and tracking how the climate has transformed the earth. Through this data we can see patterns and alert trouble areas so that environmentalists can focus on the areas in most need. Even though this sort of intelligence is new to many researchers, it is beginning to become known the scope of opportunity here. Researchers can now have an analysis for the entire continent dating back at least 40 years!

Microsoft Research’s Madingley Model 

Microsoft has created an early prototype graph that simulates all life on earth. Through this technology Microsoft hopes to be able to see how climate changes affect different animals across the continent. This will allow scientists to predict the security of our main food sources such as fish.’s Climate is like a warehouse for climate data. Ranging from earthquakes to temperature changes, this database hold all of the information for the earth’s climate. has housed all of this data in one library making it an excellent resource for researchers. The more information we can find and give to researchers, the closer we will become to a cure for climate control.

Global Forest Watch

Since the 90’s Global Forest  Watch has been trying to provide up to date information on the status of our forests. It wasn’t until recently that they were able to launch a satellite to collect this data and maintain a current update on forests around the world. Through this data feed we will be able to keep a close watch on the status of the forest and be more aware of trouble areas.


Opower works with consumer companies to analyze the energy consumption of individual homes and create a personalized report that they then publish to the community. Once a consumer discovers their neighbor is conserving more energy than they are, the consumer is naturally more inclined to up their saving. We are a competitive species and through the use of this data, Opower is able to motivate households to fight to be more conservative.


Through these five Big Data projects researchers are taking huge leaps in their fight against climate control.


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