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The way viewers experience football today as opposed to ten years ago is vastly different. The technology that is being used and developed specifically for the football industry has not only enhanced the viewer’s experience, but also the players’ training.

Ever wonder how the NFL puts that yellow line across the field to mark the line of scrimmage on your TV? I remember asking my dad when I was younger how they did that without covering up players of referees, he told me it had something to do with graphics. Really this is Big Data streamed from sensors all over the field working with 3D maps of the field and the cameras to sense objects and display an accurate line that does not run over any players or referees.

Not only is the viewing quality better, but the actual game is being enhanced by Big Data and technology. Instant replay is much faster than it used to be, allowing referees to make more accurate calls. Although some dislike instant replays, they are a useful tool allowing referees to call a much cleaner game and deflect some of the criticism they normally get after a “bad” call. Instant replays can also be very helpful to trainers when determining if a player has a concussion based on the way they were hit. With the speed of instant replays, we can more quickly detect the seriousness of an injury and better treat it.

The other way Big Data is changing the game of football is in its use with training the athletes. Today players can wear monitors that track their heartbeat, distance ran, and calories burned. These tools help trainers design specialized workouts for each player based off of his personal data.

With Big Data consistently enhancing the game of football as well as the viewing experience it is exciting to think what the future of sports holds when using Big Data Technology.

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