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All of us want to be successful, no one wakes up in the morning and thinks to themselves ” I really hope I screw up today and the company tanks!” That is not human nature. It is instinctual to want to succeed. When we talk about success we must consider the many different forms of success.

It is one thing for a company to make a lot of money, but are they truly successful if everyone within that company hates that organization and the people who run it? What about if you have a lot of employees who get along wonderfully, but have low production rates? In both of these scenarios the company is lacking a piece of success.

When I think of a successful company it must meet three criteria; 1) Company must be helping the community or working towards the greater good. 2) Company must have great culture. 3) Company must be making money.

For example, Google is a wonderful search engine that makes navigating from your email to documents to searching an absolute breeze, which makes people’s lives easier. They are also a very wealthy company and have been voted one of the best places to work by their many employees. By my definition, Google is a very successful company.

You may be thinking, ” well I’m just a start up, our company is no where near Google status” and that is okay. Any business can become successful as long as they start working towards the right path. The best way to get on this path to success is to have an outside source help find the holes in your operation and enable your company to perform at maximum efficiency.  Check out this video to learn how Cliintel can help you take the first step in the right direction!


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