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Diplomats are currently in Paris trying to come to a conclusion on how to handle to ever looming issue of climate control. There have been many people who have claimed that global warming is on the rise and will greatly affect our planet if we do not do something about it. How do we know if this is true? How can we accurately predict what the earth will look like in the next century?

Researchers are now using Big Data to crunch numbers faster than ever before. We can now use super computers to analyze information at a much greater speed allowing us access to new insights. With this new capability we can study the Earth’s climate as it is now as well as the patterns in weather changes. By putting these two sets of information together we can begin to make predictions about the climate in the future.

Based on the research, scientists predict that because of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we may be looking at vast changes to the earth due to global warming. With different areas of the world becoming warmer, the ice begins to melt. Since there is only so much room on the planet this new surplus of water will have catastrophic effects.

Scientists believe that they are unveiling surprisingly accurate predictions based on the fact that their programs are accurately displaying current and past weather habits and that many different groups of researchers are coming up with the same answers. Although any prediction is bound to not be 100% correct, it is fair to say that today’s climate researchers are definitely on to something.

To learn more about the role Big Data is playing in climate research check out this very informative article about 5 great Big Data Projects that are influencing the way environmentalists research.


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