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Wouldn’t it be great if you knew you were going to sprain your ankle before it happened? Better yet, wouldn’t it be better to know that you are going to sprain your ankle but be able to prevent it? This could be a reality with the help of biomechanic researchers.

Biomechanics is the study of the structure and function of the human body. Biomechanists look at the human body like a machine and strive to find new ways to make human movement more efficient. Everyone is moving constantly and we all want to functions as best as possible, so you can only imagine the amount of data each person could produce in a day.

Researchers cannot study a case unless they have material to observe and test. Many researchers are begging for subjects to study, but with the increase in fitness devices such as Fitbit  or smart phone apps researchers now have access to a tidal wave of information. The trick is how to harness it.

If the the health care field can find a way to build new programs that will analyze mass amounts of data more quickly, we could possibly provide people with real time feedback about their gait, symptoms and treatments. By simply having access to more data, researchers are finding that they can connect a patient with someone who has experienced similar symptoms and recommend treatment based on what has worked for the other individual.

This partnership between Big Data and researchers such as biomechanists or physical therapists can greatly benefit an immense amount of people around the world. Anyone ranging from people with disabilities to, the average jogger, or the elderly suffering from arthritis will greatly benefit from Big Data being utilized in biomechanics.

The future of healthcare seems to be drawing near allowing fitness to become a much easier thing to maintain and allow people to proactively keep their bodies in tip top functional shape!


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