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With the era of Big Data upon us, it is time to change our thinking. Big data and predictive analytics technologies represent the opportunity to turn the table on the house. In other words, sales and marketing can finally become more about math than magic.

Let’s get specific and talk about the five ways I believe big data will rock our world in 2015 and beyond.

  1. Large enterprises will be the first to widely adopt big data and predictive analytics technologies, but small and medium businesses will get on board soon thereafter and will benefit even more.
  2. Marketing spend will become significantly more precise by leveraging insights from big data to accurately target prospects and deploy
    account-based marketing strategies.
  3. Salespeople will gradually adopt data-driven methodologies to target high-value prospects, keep existing customers on board, and expand existing opportunities.
  4. Sales forecasting accuracy will improve dramatically as sophisticated algorithms supplant “gut feel” as the weapon of choice for predicting sales.
  5. Real-time sales data visualization technologies will emerge, empowering sales managers to adjust battlefield tactics based on live data feeds.

I guess in the end, if you are a sales or marketing professional in any industry I’d suggest that you get smart about what’s happening in big data and predictive analytics. A tsunami of data and potentially powerful business insights is heading your way. It is time to decide, will you jump on board or be swept away?


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