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Now that the “sacred leaf” is legal in a few states, marijuana is a very popular subject. The marijuana industry has boomed since its legalization in Colorado and Washington State in 2012. Dispensaries and grow houses have become a tourist spectacle, there are even weed tours one can take to visit differing stores and try out the products. Colorado has especially seen the effects of the growing industry as is seems to only ever be mentioned in relation to marijuana.

With the expanse of this profitable industry, many young start ups are jumping on the gravy train. Many people may not take the weed selling business very seriously, but what they are missing out on is that it is an industry that will only continue to grow. As marijuana is becoming more widely accepted and more research reveals the benefits of health related marijuana use, these businesses are going to continue to succeed.

To ensure this success, Big Data is making its grand entrance. Now that dispensaries are legal and customers feel free to enjoy the substance, business is good- making it difficult to keep track of so many customers. Big Data is helping dispensaries track their customer’s habits and customize their supply to the growing demand. Big Data also helps businesses predict when they will experience their most sales, allowing them to prepare and advertise accordingly. Days such as April 20th are known money days for dispensaries as it is a sort of pot head holiday, but are there other holidays that attract more marijuana sales than others? Do people smoke more in the summer or the winter? These are the types of customer behaviors Big Data can track and show to dispensaries to make more informed decisions.

Not only will Big Data help dispensaries, but it is also aiding in the research of medical marijuana use. Marijuana has been proven to ease pain and help some people with life long injuries move through daily life pain free. Although weed is often looked down upon, it can be used in some very useful ways such as easing the pain of those with a chronic illness.  Hopefully as we continue to research this strange little plant’s effects we can find other ways in which we can ease pain and possibly help people regain their normal daily activities.

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