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Humans create art to show perspectives and representations of the world we live in. It documents major events, values and traditions throughout history. So, if something becomes artwork, you know it’s significant – like Big Data. Big Data isn’t just a buzzword, or a trend. It has now officially inspired thousands of artists from around the world. The recent exhibit, “Big Bang Data” at the Somerset House, UK, showcased how big data is transforming our world.

It is radically reshaping our world and is set to revolutionizing every single thing that we do. Today, data has enabled new ways of doing and exploring things: from scientific research to business strategy, politics to social interaction. Our new data-driven society has the capability to solve some of the world’s biggest problems; it has the potential to be more fair, stable, and efficient. Yet it also created tools and the ability for unprecedented mass surveillance and commodification. Data access, privacy and usage rights, along with the value they comprise, are at the heart of many concerns.

“Big Bang Data” explored the issues surrounding the datafication of our world through the work of artists, designers, journalists and visionaries. As the data explosion accelerates, we ask if we really understand our relationship with data, and explore the meaning and implications of data for our future.

Below are a few photos from the exhibit:


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