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Now that we are fully submerged into the digital age of social media and technology, the rules are changing. Our lives are no longer recorded in journals, but through our tweets and Instagram posts. It is because of this change that even colleges are moving towards social media.

Remember when your mom used to tell you “Don’t make that face or it will stick like that” ? Moms were right, just not in the way we all thought. No your silly face won’t actually freeze into place, but whatever face you post to social media is stuck there forever.

Colleges are now looking into applicants’ social media profiles to decide whether the student fits a certain stereotype that has been known to be more successful in school. This means that colleges have looked at the Data and put together a type of student most likely to not drop out. Colleges are even creating their own media sites similar to Facebook to better gather this data.

Although this may be a beneficial tool for colleges to recruit more successful graduation rates, is it ethical? It does not seem right to accept or deny someone based on their social media profile rather that test scores or grades. Bringing social media into the admissions process is opening a Pandora’s box of potential issues such as biased recruiting because of attractiveness or wealth.

What do you think?  We would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Is it ethical to use the data from social media in College Admissions?

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