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Most young athletes dream of one day making it to the team of their favorite college, but in today’s society the competition is rough. There are so many student athletes striving for a scholarship that you have to be a complete superstar to play at the collegiate level. To be a superstar you not only have to be a great athlete, but you must also know how to market yourself.

Back when I was fighting to be recruited, we had to make our own DVDs, figure out how to edit them, send them to colleges and practically stalk coaches to be noticed. Now, with the help of recruiting tools such as ReQRuitme, all an athlete needs is a code and basic computer skills. ReQRuitme is a tool for high school athletes to provide stats, highlight footage and test scores to college coaches all in one place that can be accessed with any smartphone or tablet. The app allows athletes to make a profile  and update it throughout the season along with a 30 second video about themselves off the field to give coaches a more well rounded view of the individual, not just the athlete.

The great thing about this tool is that not only is it a billion times easier for college coaches to scout talent, but it levels the playing field for young athletes. There are so many talented individuals who never get the chance to pay at a higher level due to the financial status of their family. It costs a lot of money to play club sports, attend training camps, and make highlight videos, leaving many talented athletes in the shadows. Now that almost every high school game is recorded and most teens have access to a cell phone, these low income student athletes have a fighting chance.

As someone who has gone through the college recruiting process, I greatly appreciate how Big Data is transforming the way athletes are drafted.

Data is defined as facts and statistics collected for reference or analysis.

This is exactly what ReQRuitme does, it houses student athlete data in one place allowing it to be easily accessed and analyzed by coaches. This is just another example of how Big Data is being used in the everyday world to make our lives easier. ReQRuitme is an extremely efficient tool allowing student athletes the chance to follow their dreams of playing collegiate sports. Who doesn’t love efficiency and helping kids? Way to go Big Data, you have made our lives easier yet again!

To learn about other ways Big Data is being utilized in the real word to make our lives easier check out this quick video! 

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