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In Africa there has been a major shortage of available water which has led to less viable crops and ultimately less food for the population. Big Data is now being used to help the farmers in Africa better manage their crops to  ensure food for their population.

IBM has introduced IoT technology to help farmers in Africa track their water usage by installing sensors in the water tanks. IBM can also determine how hydrated the soil is and use the data to find the balance for optimal productivity with reduced costs. This is great news for African farmers as they now have the resources to make more informed decisions and manage their farms better. The use of this data will also allow potential investors to see which farms are the strongest and therefore the best choice to invest in.

Hopefully this use of technology in Africa  will lead to greater things such as being more informed about underground water supply as well as taking a more educated approach to agriculture. To learn more about how Big Data is influencing the agricultural industry read this short article on Drones being used as a farming technique!

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