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When I say “Big Data,” a range of words probably enter your head: tech, computers, machine learning, internet of things, business, analytics etc.

These are all words that have to do with technology, computers and devices. But we often forget about the “human face of big data,” and the part of data that has a “soul.”

Managing data, and data science as a whole is a “skill set,” not a tech product. That set not only includes technically adept personnel, but also those who can communicate with others effectively and network with users to work out what they’re searching for in masses of petabytes of data they are mining and analyzing. You can’t exclude the softer, human skills involved in forging teams to handle data operations and solutions.

There’s an ecosystem of technical personnel, who can use data tools, and employees who have the ability to see the larger connections.

The ability to make sense of and assign datasets in relation to other valuable datasets and see the total potential, is where the value of big data can be found. But it’s not the technology that’s the limiting factor of big data analysis; but rather the human factor.

This is why humans will never be replaced by big data. Human skill sets are mandatory to enhance big data.


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