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When people think about music they don’t often associate Big Data with it, but in today’s world Big Data and music are intertwined.

Once the music industry began to realize that they could learn about their fans through digital music sales, everything began to change. The way most fans access music today is through Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube. Record stores are falling into extinction and CD’s are an artifact of the past.

Through digital sales the music industry can track which types of music an individual fan prefers and then refer music from similar artists. By knowing how to advertise to each fan, the music industry can ensure more sales. There have been numerous times that Pandora has introduced me to a band that I absolutely love, but wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

As systems like Pandora and Spotify continue to advance their ability to accurately predict which music a user will enjoy we will begin to see an increased number of people using these music sites. This is the give it to me now generation and the faster we can acquire what we want, the better.

To see how else Big Data is working in the music industry, Check Out this interesting read!

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