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When it comes to Formula 1 Racing, safety is of the utmost importance which is why Big Data is being heavily used on the development side of racing. In Formula 1 Racing the cars are going around curvy courses at extreme speeds, making it very easy for something to go wrong. In this type of sport one misstep can be fatal which is why so much research goes into keeping the driver as safe as possible.

Engineers do their best to keep drivers as safe as possible by making the entire car based on proven data. When a team is preparing for a race, the engineers study data from the history of cars that have raced on that particular track and customize each automotive part specifically for that track. This level of precaution optimizes vehicle performance, giving the driver the best possible machine for that exact race.

It is very important for the data to be in real time and accurate as that is how the driver relays messages back to his team informing them of what is needed such as tire changes or oil fills. With all of the technology inside the car the team can also control what is around driver from the side of the track. With the push of a button the team can even administer water through the helmet to the driver to prevent

Even with all of the technology in these multi million dollar cars, it is still the intuition and races, but it is a great use of Big Data to ensure the driver is getting the best possible machine to work with. Hopefully as the technology in this field continues to advance they will be able to accurately place sensors to determine how well tires are gripping to the road and other extremely beneficial information that ensures efficiency.

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