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It seems like Big Data of the future is a lot closer than we expected! Not only are Google and Tesla competing to create self-driving cars, but companies as small as twelve people are making giant leaps in the technology that is going to boost us into the future.

Apple has just confirmed that they have purchased Mapsense, a tiny company of twelve people that has provided Apple with the ability to analyze the mass amounts of location and mapping data that comes from smartphones. If you think about the amount of times you use the map system on your phone or check in somewhere on a social media site and then times that by the majority of people on the planet, you can start to get an idea of the amount of data that is produced from smart phones daily.

I always say the more information, the better, but in this case we would be drowning in information, unable to understand any of it. With a huge quantity of data constantly piling in like the information from smart phones, you need a kick ass system that can analyze it quick enough to produce real time results. This is the program Mapsense has created.

With the help of Mapsense Apple will now be able to do some amazing things such as take the large amounts of data from mobile devices and quickly turn it into navigation reports on real time traffic or the location of a bus on its particular route. They will also be able to pin point where the biggest population of people are requesting taxis from, allowing companies like Uber to strategically place their drivers and providing a speedy pick up to customers.

It is simply amazing what we can do with the right technology and how we can use Big Data in almost every apsect of daily life to make things more convenient. Now the issue is looking at how to secure this data that can provide specific locations of groups of people from getting into the wrong hands. But that is a discussion for another day!

Check out how Big Data has already been used in the effort to launch us into the future!

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